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About Jackie Jeffko

In 2004 at the age of 35,  I fulfilled my longtime dream and obtained my cosmetology liscense to practice in the State of CT.  Since that day I've dedicated myself to perfecting a craft that I'm deeply passionate about.  My education, experience and love for what I do are some of the qualities that best describe the work I do.~

I began my career with a fantastic education with Redken.  There, I learned the chemistry behind hair and color.  I was instantly captured by this world and began my journey working as a stylist in various salons.  I opened Shades Above in 2006 and have since gone on to take advanced color classes through Redken & Goldwell.  I regularly attend classes, webinars, seminars & hairshows to keep up with this everchanging & incredible industry.

Thanks to my longtime and loyal clients.  You each give me something to look forward to every day. I'm so lucky to work in an industry that is creative and allows me to follow my passion~ Thanks for taking that ride with me...
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FAQ About Brazilian Keratin

I started investigating and performing Keratin Treatments in 2008.  
 I started with Keratin Complex by Coppolla and then moved on to Brazilian Blowout and ThermaFuse F450

 As recently as July of 2010 the cosmetic industry is starting to take a closer look at chemicals in keratin treatments.  All keratin treatments have different levels of  chemical compounds. Many are currently calling themselves "formaldehyde free", but keratin alone cannot create the desired long lasting frizz busting results.  

** During the flatironing process the heat can cause fumes to be released.. As long as it is done in a properly ventilated area these treatments can be done safely.  I use an AEROVEX chemical source capture system in my salon.  It captures any fumes released during heating.

Most stylists would have you believe these treatments are chemical free and all natural.  Let's face it:  if they were made of rainbows and butterflies, they would not last beyond a few shampoos.  However, the chemicals are  gentle and semi permanent. They lay on the outside of the hair instead of penetrating and changing it's structure.  

Relaxing has never been so easy on the hair. We are seeing keratin treatments that are performing nothing short of miracles on people who schedule their lives around their hair.  

We are talking revolution here

Which Keratin is right for me? All hair is not the same and each client desires different results. 

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